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Electronic voting

In the 2008 municipal elections, the Ministry of Justice arranged for the first time electronic elections in three municipalities: Karkkila, Kauniainen and Vihti. In these municipalities, voters were able to vote electronically at polling stations either on election day or in advance. Electronic voting, both in advance and on election day, took place in front of election authorities at the polling stations. Traditional ballot voting was also allowed. Distance voting via the Internet was not possible.

The provisions on electronic voting were included in the Act amending the Election Act (880/2006), which was in force until the end of 2008.

The Ministry of Justice drew up a memorandum on the E-voting experiment (30 September 2009, in Finnish). The Ministry received 30 statements on the memorandum (summary of the statements, in Finnish), and a citizen consultation was conducted on the otakantaa.fi platform (summary of the consultation, in Finnish).

The Cabinet decided in the cabinet evening session of 13 January 2010 that the development of electronic voting at polling stations will not be continued for the meantime, but instead the current election system will be maintained. At the same time, close attention will be paid to the development of electronic voting in international arenas. The press release and the memorandum of the Ministry of Justice (8 January 2010, in Finnish) which was discussed in the cabinet evening session.

On the recent development of electronic voting in Europe: an appendix to the memorandum of 30 September 2009 (updated on 14 January 2010, in Finnish).

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Published 21.10.2016