Appeal Against Election Results

Decisions on the confirmation of the results of the first and second presidential elections are not subject to appeal. In other elections these decisions may, however, be appealed against to a regional administrative court within 14 days of the publication of the election results.

An appeal may be submitted
1) on the ground that a decision is illegal by
- a person whose interests or rights are violated by the decision,
- the candidates, and
- the parties or joint lists which have taken part in the elections, and
2) on the ground that the elections have not been held in proper order by
- everyone entitled to vote and
- a municipality member in municipal elections.

If a decision or measure of an election authority has been illegal and this clearly may have influenced the election results, the results shall be amended or, if that is not possible, new elections shall be ordered to be held in the electoral district (parliamentary elections), municipality (municipal elections), or in the entire country (European elections).

Appeals against the decision of the regional administrative court may be lodged with the Supreme Administrative Court.