Schedule for the 2024 presidential election

Election day for the 2024 presidential election is Sunday 28 January 2024. Accordingly, the other important dates are as follows:

 Monday 12 December 2022 at the earliest

 Constituency associations may start collecting   signatures for support cards

 Friday 28 July 2023

 Campaign period under the Act on a Candidate’s   Election Funding and the Act on Political Parties   begins

 Saturday 28 October 2023

 Service for ordering postal voting documents   abroad opens

 Friday 8 December 2023

 Date for collecting data for the voting register (to   determine the municipality of residence of each   eligible voter for election purposes)

 by 16.00 on Tuesday 12 December 2023

 Deadline for submitting candidate applications to   the Constituency Electoral Committee of Helsinki

 Thursday 21 December 2023

 The Constituency Electoral Committee of Helsinki   confirms the nomination of candidates 

Candidate numbers for the presidential candidates are published

 Tuesday 16 January 2024

 Voting register becomes legally valid

 Tuesday 16 January 2024 at 16.00

 Registration for at-home voting ends

 From Wednesday 17 January to Tuesday 23     January 2024

 Advance voting in Finland

 From Wednesday 17 January to Saturday 20   January 2024

 Advance voting abroad

 Sunday 28 January 2024 at 9.00–20.00

 Election day voting

 Tuesday 30 January 2024

 Election results are confirmed and 
 1) the Government declares that one candidate   received more than half of the votes cast and has   been elected President, 


 2) the Ministry of Justice declares that none of   the candidates received more than half of the   votes cast and that a second election between   the two candidates who received the most votes   will be held on Sunday 11 February 2024

Possible second election

 Tuesday 30 January 2024 at 16.00

 Registration for at-home voting in the possible   second election (second round) ends

 From Wednesday 31 January to Tuesday 6   February 2024

 Advance voting in the possible second election in   Finland

 From Wednesday 31 January to Saturday 3   February 2024

 Advance voting in the possible second election   abroad

 Sunday 11 February 2024 at 9.00–20.00

 Election day voting in the possible second election

 Wednesday 14 February 2024

 The results of the possible second election are   confirmed

Schedule in the Presidential Election 

According to the Finnish Constitution the President of the Republic is elected by a direct vote for a term of six years. The election day in the first round is the fourth Sunday of January. If none of the candidates has received a majority of the votes cast, a new election shall be held on the second Sunday after the first election between the two candidates who received most votes in the first election.

The next presidential election will be held in 2024.