Establishment of a Party

Only a registered association whose main object is to influence state matters may be entered into the party register. More information about the establishment and registration of an associacion can be found on the website of the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland.

The rules and regulations of the association shall guarantee that democratic principles are abided by in decision-making and in the activities. Another prerequisite for the registration of a party is that the association has drafted a party programme which takes up the goals and principles followed in the national activities, whose final objective is mentioned in the rules and regulations. In addition, signed support cards of at least 5000 citizens entitled to vote in parliamentary elections are required.

Only the central organisation of a party is registered. District, local and municipal branches as well as local associations are usually registered associations, but they are not entered into the party register.

If the rules and regulations of a party entered into the party register are amended, the Ministry of Justice has to be notified of the amendment, which enters into force only after it has been recorded in the party register.

Only a party entered into the party register may use the abbreviation r.p. (rekisteröity puolue, registered party) with its name, and it may no longer use the abbreviation r.y. which signifies a registered association (rekisteröity yhdistys ).

If a party fails to gain a parliamentary seat in two consecutive parliamentary elections, or if it ceases to be a registered association, it is deleted from the party register. A party may also apply for deletion.