Eligibility and Nomination of Candidates

According to the Finnish Constitution the President of the Republic is elected by a direct vote. The President shall be a native-born Finnish citizen.

A presidential candidate may be nominated
1) by registered parties from whose lists at least one representative was elected in the parliamentary elections preceding the presidential elections and
2) by constituency associations established by at least 20,000 people entitled to vote.
Each party chooses its candidate according to its own rules and regulations.

The candidates enter as candidates in the entire country. A party and constituency association shall submit its candidate application to the constituency electoral committee of Helsinki not later than 40 days before election day at 4 p.m. The Committee checks the applications and confirms the nomination of candidates 31 days before election day by compiling a list of candidates in which the candidates are enumerated in an order drawn by lot. The list contains the following information on the candidates: number (beginning with number 2), name, municipality of residence and title, profession or position. The list is displayed i.a. in the polling booths.