Results of parliamentary elections available online on 2 April starting at 20.00

Ministry of Justice
Publication date 30.3.2023 11.27
Press release
Vaalit. Val.

Preliminary results of the parliamentary elections to be conducted on Sunday 2 April will be published online in the Result Service of the Ministry of Justice starting at 20.00 on election day.

The preliminary results provide information about the number and percentage of votes received by each political party in the entire country and in each electoral district, municipality and voting district, and the information will be updated as the vote count progresses. Once all the votes cast in a given voting district have been counted, the number of votes received by each candidate in that district will be published. The names of the elected Members of Parliament will be published after the preliminary vote count is complete in each electoral district.

The final results will also be made available as downloadable files.

The constituency electoral committees will confirm the final results of the elections in their meetings that will begin at 18.00 on Wednesday 5 April at the latest, after which the confirmed results will be published in the Result Service.

Voting on election day

Voters can find information about their election day polling station in the notice of right to vote sent to them. Voters can also check their polling station in the Polling Station Service at or call the free-of-charge Elections Helpline (0800 9 4770 in Finnish and 0800 9 4771 in Swedish) to ask about their polling station.

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency has sent a notice of right to vote to each eligible voter either by post or via the service. The notice has been sent electronically to those eligible voters who have activated the Messages Service and given their consent for official messages to be sent to the service.

Voters must present proof of their identity at the polling station. Official photo IDs, such as a passport, an identity card issued by the police and a driving licence, are accepted as proof of identity.

Arto Jääskeläinen, Director of Electoral Administration, tel. 358 295 150 128, [email protected]
Laura Nurminen, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 295 150 008, [email protected]
Elina Siljamäki, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 295 150 248, [email protected]

Result Service for parliamentary elections 
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