Election authorities

A county election board will be established in each wellbeing services county for the purposes of county elections. These new election authorities will be tasked with confirming the nomination of candidates and the election results in county elections.

The existing election authorities in a municipality (the central municipal election board, election boards, electoral commissions and election officials) will have the same responsibilities in county elections as in municipal elections.

The central municipal election board of each municipality is responsible for counting advance votes and for the recount of election day votes. The county election board will be responsible for combining the results of all municipalities in the wellbeing services county to determine the election results of the wellbeing services county. The county election board will also appoint the elected county councillors. This division of responsibilities means that from 2025 onwards, when municipal and county elections will be held at the same time, the ballot counting work to be carried out by the central municipal election boards and the elections boards will be doubled compared to the current workload.